What can Makin Lightin provide for you?

Our stock of Martin Mac 700 profiles are the ideal fixtures for use in a professional theatre. Whether a small, medium or large venue, these fixtures will fit right in, with their fantastic range of gobo’s and effects as well as full CMY colour mixing. Along with our Martin Mac 700’s with also stock Robe Robin 300 LED Wash’s and Martin RUSH MH1 Profiles. These fixtures benefit from the latest LED technology which keeps power consumption to a minimum. The Martin RUSH MH1’s are an 180 watt LED source but can easily out perform a 250 watt fixture in terms of light output.

The Unique 2.1 haze machine is fast becoming the industry standard in the professional theatre industry. Incorporating fantastic fan control and haze output, it’s perfect for every theatre no matter how big or small.

And to make it all work, we stock Avolites Lighting Consoles. We currently have the Avolites Tiger Touch 2 and the Avolites Quartz on our hire stock. These very versatile desks are perfect for the touring show and theatre installs. Both desks pack 4 physical DMX universes on the back of them, the only difference between them is the size. The Avolites Quartz packs everything its bigger brother has in a much smaller package. If you need extra faders though you can always hire our Avolites Titan Mobile Wing to go with it taking the fader count up from 10 to 30 on one page.Both desks include the latest version of Avolites “Titan” operating system making the desk very user friendly with really quick and easy programming of all the amazing effects you would want to use.

We also stock an Avolites Powercube dimmer unit as well as ETC Smart Module 2’s and have a range of Selecon Acclaim Fresnels and ETC Source 4 Jr’s as generic fixtures.

In addition to supplying top quality lighting equipment, our team here at Makin Lightin are on hand to offer support and assistance throughout the hire period. They are all fully trained industry professionals with extensive knowledge of all the equipment we supply for hire.