As a school or college you might not have access to impressive lighting effects but why not? At Makin Lightin we believe you should. This is why we are happy to hire to schools and colleges and our stock of Professional industry standard lighting equipment will certainly impress you and your Audience.

What can Makin Lightin provide for you?

Our stock of up-to-date industry standard lighting equipment can provide that all important “wow” factor you may be looking for.

Our Martin Mac 700 profiles are used throughout the world on professional shows, concerts and festivals. Their wide range of gobo’s and effects certainly impress, along with full CMY colour mixing and an animation wheel the Martin Mac 700 will really add the X factor to your shows. Along side our Mac 700’s we have our Robe Robin 300 LED Wash’s. These are a powerful yet compact Wash moving head. With their infinite colour mixing capability you can create vibrant colours to subtle hues. If power is an issue in your venue then why not go for our Martin RUSH MH1 Profiles using a 180 watt LED source they use very little power like the Robe Robin 300 LED Wash’s. The MH1’s are also smaller than our Mac 700’s so can fit into smaller venues better.

Our Unique 2.1 hazer is fast becoming the hazer of choice throughout the theatre industry, with its fantastic haze output and fan control. Adding this piece of kit to your hire list means your show can have the same quality as a professional show does. The Unique 2.1 haze can create a lovely and consistent level of haze across your stage, picking up the fantastic beams from either our Mac 700’s or Martin RUSH MH1’s.

If your lighting desk can’t run intelligent lighting and effects – Do not fear!. We stock Avolites lighting desks. We currently use the Avolites Tiger Touch 2 and also an Avolites Quartz. The Quartz has all the same functionality as the Tiger Touch 2 but with much smaller footprint. If faders is a problem then why not add the Avolites Titan Mobile Wing to the Quartz, taking the amount of faders from 10 to 30. The Tiger Touch is widely used in theatres and by top concert tours and at festivals. So it is perfect for running our Martin Mac 700’s, Martin RUSH MH1’s or Robe Robin 300 LED Wash’s along with any other intelligent lighting equipment you may have for your show. Both desks use the easy to use Titan operating system and will have your lighting looking AMAZING and professional in no time at all.
If your school or college doesn’t have the luxury of a lighting system we can help you out too.

We stock an Avolites Powercube Dimmer unit and some ETC Smart Module 2’s. We also have a range of Selecon Acclaim Fresnels and ETC Source 4 Jr’s. So turning a school hall or sports hall into a theatre with a proper lighting system is no problem at all.

In addition to hiring out our hire stock our team here at Makin Lightin are here to help you get your show looking amazing every step of the way. From rigging our lighting equipment and installing our dimmer units to programming the desk we are more than happy to supply crew to help out in any area you might need.